Five Star Ratings


Since the year 2000, MBAus (formerly GMAA) has obtained data relating to MBA programmes offered in Australia and used the material to produce an index of the quality (“attractiveness”) of the approximately 100 MBA programmes provided in Australia to local students by some 53 organisations.

The results of the Assessment process are presented as the “MBAus 5-Star Ratings” and distributed by MBAus via a media release and by posting the results and this paper on our website.

Purpose of the 5-Star Ratings

  • As a mechanism to help maintain the value of MBAus members’ investment in their MBA

  • To assist potential MBA students by providing an independent appraisal of the various programmes on offer by people who have been through the process

  • A service in the public interest

  • To provide independent evaluation of the quality of MBA programmes with a view to determining attractiveness

  • A mechanism to provide the higher quality MBA providers with a marketing competitive advantage


One of the aims of this Assessment is to assist prospective students in their choice of institution/programme by looking at programmes from two perspectives – attractiveness and educational quality.

The first perspective (attractiveness) looks to determine if a programme is attractive to a student based on the facilities and features offered by the business school and the programme.

The second perspective (educational quality) looks to determine if a programme can reasonably be expected to deliver a quality educational outcome to the student by giving them additional skills which can assist them in their current and future employment.


To be eligible to receive a 5-Star Rating, a programme must satisfy four requirements, namely:

  • The programme must have been operating for at least three yearsA

  • There must be at least 17 students currently in the programme

  • At least 40 people must have graduated from the programme since its inception

  • The programme must be offered on-shore and not be a specialised programme (eg Aviation)

Get Involved

To ensure maximum inclusivity and representation and to best promote the quality of the MBA programmes on offer, MBAus will be making the 2020 5-Star Ratings programme open, for free, to all providers of MBA programmes in Australasia, in order to help support the promotion of MBA programmes in our region, in these trying times and ensure that the quality and benefit of such programmes is not forgotten or overshadowed by other contemporary events.

If you would like to participate in this year’s 5-Star Ratings programme, please read our open invitation letter for more details or follow the link below.