MBAus (pronounced MBA Oz) is a student-led initiative aimed to connect MBA candidates from across Australia and New Zealand with Australian organisations.

Our annual conference provides a forum to network and engage with thought leaders in business and academia. We bring together the bright minds of MBAs to demonstrate the value an MBA can add to organisations as well as the community.

We aim to empower and inspire the next generation of leaders coming out of Australia and New Zealand.

MBAus Co-Founders - Emma, Soumya, Peter and Nathan (ESPN) at the inaugural 2017 MBAus Conference

Our Beginnings

MBAus was founded in a syndicate room by four Melbourne Business School classmates Emma Young, Soumya Ranjan, Nathan Spence and Peter Pelikhov in 2017.

We founded MBAus for two reasons:
  • there was no forum in Australia or New Zealand to bring together MBAs from different schools

  • we believe there is a lot of work to be done with demonstrating the value of an MBA to Australian organisations

Meet the student-led event team


Emma Young


We saw there was no forum for MBAs in the ANZ region to connect

Shoo Chin Siah


MBAs love networking – we wanted to build that community

Peter Pelikhov


We chose a conference where we could focus on cool and important business topics

Nathan Spence


MBAus is sparking collaboration between students, alumni and the business world

Organisers – Brisbane 2019